Our Gratitude to Vanez Hardy, Davy Tree Landscaper

In today’s world, people are very quick to call a company when they are dissatisfied with a service or product they received. Rarely do people call when a person provides a service or engages in customer service that excels beyond what the consumer anticipated.

On February 28, 2016, Staff Sargent Jonathon Walker of the United States Air Force, did just that. Mr. Walker has been in the service for 9 years, and currently resides on Dragon Drive, Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida. The Davey Tree Expert Company provides the grounds maintenance for this location with the crew of Vanez Hardy, crew leader, and technicians Derrick Whitaker, and Jerry Tackle.

Mr. Walker was very impressed with the personality that Vanez possessed, and his willing desire to be involved in the NAS Community. Mr. Walker shared an experience that he encountered with Vanez when he was trying to write out a message to his wife on their driveway using rose petals. It was their anniversary and he wanted to surprise her. As nature would have it, the wind kept blowing the message away. Vanez witnessed the struggle that he was having and ran over to offer assistance. This was a small gesture but the charisma that Vanez held while offering this help stood out to Mr. Walker. He made a phone call to the Balfour Beatty Community Housing Office and expressed his desire to present some kind of recognition to Vanez for always having a smile on his face, a willingness to help, and kind words to offer.

Davey Regional Manager, Tom Freeman, and Mr. Walker got together to have a plaque presented to Vanez for his outstanding customer service.

Davey wishes to offer our gratitude to Mr. Walker for his dedicated service to our country, and for taking the time to acknowledge an outstanding Davey employee. Vanez Hardy continues to represent the very values that Davey seeks in all its employees.